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4 directions

“Anyone may conveniently utilize the four directions as long as one agrees with one’s self about the correspondences and doesn’t get stuck in the illusion that there is a cosmic significance inherent in any particular arrangement or set of correspondences. Beware of the tendency to pick one set of correspondences, saying, “This is the true four-element configuration, and the others are in error.” Aleister Crowley

The Four Ruling Archangels: Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael
+ The Four Material Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire
+ The Four Cardinal Directions: North, West, East, South
+ The Four Natural Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red
+ The Four Basic Characteristics: Cold & Dry, Cold & Wet, Hot & Wet, Hot & Dry
+ The Four Physical Orientations: Left, Behind, Front, Right
+ The Four Day Times: Night, Dusk, Dawn, Noon
+ The Four Moon Phases: New Moon, Waning Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon
+ The Four Earth Seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer
do >earth >spleen >center

Re >metal >lung >west
mi >water >kidney >north
sol >wood >liver >east
la >fire >heart >south
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Buddhist patriarchs of the east west etc. gates but they really guard the directions because without directions we will never meet in this ocean of consciousness

It's smart to set up directions in the middle of nothingness so we can meet and enjoy each other.

Its better to adopt a 2 way vision

1. Nothingness which leads to nihilism predates all existence and it not based on anything but supports everything at the same time

2. Phenomenal world exist because of the cause and effect that intertwined in between each other, and allows the world if samsara to exist though it explains physical existence and its movement in space/time
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Angeles Avatares - Pablo Amaringo
Espiritus Personificados
2006, Gouache
This painting depicts the transcendent nature of the gravitational forces that control the rotational, orbital, and swaying movements of the earth.

As in antiquity, the indigenous people of the Amazon see natural forces as having a spiritual personifícation. Avatar angels are the guardians of the earth—cherubim that reside at its four corners. In the painting these angels are aligned with the four directions: north, south, east, and west. The fuchsia angels are in the west, the yellow to the east, the green to the south, and the blue to the north. These cherubim hold the earth within an electromagnetic field that manifests as a gravitadonal force. This field keeps the oceans and seas from overflowing as Earth spins on its axis. The immense mass of water rotating with the earth would spill over if the spiritual forces of the angelic powers did not maintain it.

In the upper left you see the avatar angels in their celestial realms holding the gravitational forces precisely, and thereby safeguarding the planetary biosphere. No one can say this all happens by chance or accident.

The ocean currents circulate in long cycles due to varying salinity and temperature. They maintain the global climate system, which enables the rain to fall on the rain forest and flow back to the ocean through rivers. Avatar angels watch over the opposing centrifugal and centripetal forces that result in the circular movement of Earth, and prevent it from spinning out of control.

The ayahuasca vine and chacruna plants growing from the Shipibo tinajas with geometric patterns are boiled together to make the mystic brew ayahuasca. The avatar angels transmit spiritual energy to plants so that maestro shamans can see in their visions the angelic powers at work.

The colors of the avatar angels have significance: green represents the principle of life, blue stands for zest and energetic strength, and the yellow to the east represents morning freshness and joy. In the west, the color fuchsia represents the satisfaction of a productive day.

There are ícaros for the rotation of the earth and they can be very effective for healing. In the session below, three sumirunas wear their feathered crowns and smoke their pipes while singing the icaro of the green cherubim to cure a patient suffering daño. Pulsarios are leaving his body in spiral waves. After healing they sing the icaro of the blue cherubim so that he gains strength. The icaro of the fuchsia cherubim prevents boredom and inactivity, and the icaro of the yellow cherubim will make a person happy.

Around them you see sacha chikuri (Cichorium intybus) leaves, which are used as a compress to reduce skin inñammations and infections. At the lower left are the leaves of lengua {Cynoglossum officinalé), used medicinally as an astringent and antiseptic.

Extraterrestrial ships visit Earth frequently. They come from parallel universes and sumirunas board them to understand the mysterious forces of electromagnetism and gravity that maintain the cosmos. To the right you see a giant neutrino that has manifested and will transmute into physical matter.
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(North is normally put in the place where we would show East.)

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