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Air lungs
Air represents the direction East.

The sun rises in the East. Associated with the time of dawn, air belongs during the morning. East means new beginnings. So anything that begins or “dawns” is of the Air symbol. Air represents thought, and new ideas dawn in our heads all the time. East is a male element. This is not to say that females don’t have the Air element in them. But Air is considered to be a masculine element.

Air reflects thought and intelligence. Simply put, Air is pure thought. We use the attributes of Air to figure out our problems. The skill of problem solving is Air’s strength. Think of math and science as subjects ruled by Air.

Things that represent Air are feathers/birds of all kinds, clouds, dust devils, wind chimes, and incense smoke to name a few.

The sylph is the Elemental of Air. Some artists have depicted sylphs as human figures with wings. Sylphs are often seen in cloud formations. Note that an Elemental is an entity that embodies one specific element.

In many Tarot decks, swords represent Air. Since Air is the element of thought and intellect, Tarot swords represent ideas and other qualities of Air. But just like a real sword, thoughts can cut two ways. They can be freeing or debilitating, just as having a life-altering epiphany is to having depression.
Дыхание, орган осязания и физические ощущения формируются элементом ветра.