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Earth digestive tract, reproductive organs, waist
Earth represents the direction North.

Midnight is the time that is associated with this element. Earth stands for stability, foundations, and commitment. The greatest image of Earth is Mother Earth or Gaia herself. Earth is seen as a feminine element. Earth is also stillness. Earth is represented by rocks, crystals, dirt, and fossils.

Gnomes are the Elemental spirits of Earth. Gnomes are strong and squat. Their skin is the colors of the Earth with its many shades of brown to black.

In many Tarot decks, Earth is represented by coins or pentacles. Coins in the Tarot connote physical labors and the fruits of those labors. They often refer to physical possessions, such as money, cars, and houses.

Spirit does not have a specific direction or a specific time in our twenty-four-hour day. That being said, Spirit is what creates the life within us. It is literally the divine spark that we all need to be alive. There is no Elemental associated with Spirit.

What we call the “soul” is in fact a piece of the God and Goddess, or “The All.” Every one of us has this element within us. It is the element that makes all living things divine.
Плоть, кости, орган обоняния и запахи образуются из элемента земли.