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Water abdomen
Water represents the direction West.

Water’s corresponding time of day is at sunset. Water is associated with the moon and with birth, death, and rebirth. It also has to do with feelings and emotions. Water connotes strong feelings such as love, desire, hate, joy, and sorrow. Water is seen as a feminine element. Things that represent water are seashells, seaweed, water, sponges, and fish.

Because of its association with death, Water is also associated with the Summerlands (afterlife). Many folkloric traditions include a journey over a body of water to reach their afterlife.

The Undine is the Elemental spirit in water. Undines are water entities that can manifest themselves in many forms, from mermaids to the sirens of the sea.

In many Tarot decks, cups represent Water. In Tarot, cups represent emotions. Cups are also associated with birth, death, and rebirth.

You may recall that my name is Moonwater SilverClaw. I chose this name because I feel connected to water. My mother still tells tales of how, as a child, I’d find any puddle in a two-mile radius. To this day I enjoy the water whether I’m snorkeling or doing undersea helmet diving.